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Nationwide Group Staff Union

Nationwide Group Staff Union represents around 12,000 members. We are the sole trade union recognised by the Nationwide Building Society Group for collective bargaining.


Nationwide Group Staff Union (NGSU) is a recognised independent trade union. It was formed on the 1 February 1990 following the amalgamation of the Anglia Building Society Staff Association and the Nationwide Building Society Staff Association (which were formed in the early 1970’s). More recently, the Portman Group Staff Association (PGSA), The Staff Union for Dunfermline Building Society (SUDuBS) and One Union Regional Brands (OURS) have transferred engagements to NGSU.

Nationwide Group Staff Union is a TUC (Trades Union Congress) and STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress) affiliate.


The sole purpose of the NGSU is to protect and promote the interests of our members and the Union has sole recognition rights within Nationwide. We also provide advice, individual representation, and access to all our benefits to our Associate Members, mainly people who were formerly employed at Nationwide and have retained their membership.

NGSU has a democratic structure and follows policies determined at the biennial National Conference. You can read more about the Union, our structure and policies by selecting the relevant menu options in the About Us section of this website. You can also read our Strategic Plan.

Principal Elected Officers

NGSU General Secretary – Emma Clay (1 Jan 2024 – 31 Dec 2028)
NGSU President – Matt Stanley (1 April 2023 – 31 March 2025)

Services to Members

The Union provides services to members in four broad areas:

  • Negotiation and Consultation on pay and conditions of work. This ranges through annual pay increases, the appraisal system, hours of work, job evaluation, to fair treatment at work policies via the Employee Involvement Committee (EIC) and by a series of joint committees and working parties which have been established.
  • Assists in the protection of members in disciplinary cases and representation in grievances against alleged unfair treatment at work. We seek to remedy unfairness, ensure equitable treatment and prevent victimisation.
  • Provides general advice on employment matters and employment laws, with expert advice available from our legal advisers if required.
  • Provides additional benefits such as our member lottery; free legal helpline and discounts on goods and services including, holidays, cinema tickets, and insurance.


NGSU is run in accordance with our rules approved by the National Conference. Visit our Rules page here to download our current rule book.


The NEC have a responsibility to prepare the NGSU accounts annually and submit these to the Certification Officer.

Download our most recent accounts:

NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2023
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2022
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2021
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2020
NGSU Final accounts – 31 Dec 2019
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2018
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2017
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2016
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2015
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2014
NGSU FInal Accounts – 31 Dec 2013
NGSU Final Accounts – 31 Dec 2012

Our auditors are: HW Fisher & Company Chartered Accountants.


The NGSU does not have any political bias or make any political donations but is affiliated to the following organisations:

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