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When a group of workers act and speak together, their employer has to listen. That’s how unions make things better at work. Join online now or complete and return our membership application form. (If you have previously been a member of NGSU, please use the PDF form.)
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Questions about Membership
Subscriptions - How much does it cost? Question 1

Subscription levels depend on the number of hours you’re contracted to work each week.

Full-time (35 hours or more) £12.40 per month
Part-time (16 hours or more, less than 35 hours) £6.80 per month
Part-time (less than 16 hours) £5.30 per month
Maternity Leave £2.90 per month
Pensioner members £2.90 per month
Associate members (any number of hours) £12.40 per month

If you’re a contractor, a temporary employee, or a pensioner member, you will have to pay your subscriptions by direct debit; if you’re a permanent employee or on a fixed-term contract, you can choose to have your subscriptions taken directly from your salary, or by direct debit.

How soon can I get advice and support? Question 2

You can speak to one of the team as soon as you’ve joined, but when you can have representation in a formal meeting will depend on how long you’ve been working for Nationwide.

If you’ve joined the Union within your probationary period, you can receive representation once we’ve received your first payment.

If you’ve joined us after that, we can provide representation after we’ve had three payments.

And just so you know, we don’t take a payment in the month you join – so if you join in March, we’ll take the first payment in April. If you’ve joined us during probation, we can provide representation from then; if you’ve been an employee for longer, we can provide representation once we’ve received June’s payment.

Of course, you’re eligible for all the other benefits of membership from the day you join…

How do you use my personal information? Question 3

You can find all the details on this in our Use of Personal Information Statement.

Got any questions? Chat to us online or call us on 01295 710767 (both available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday)

Or complete and return the application form.

The benefits of joining NGSU
Most people join a union because they want protection at work - help with pay and conditions of service, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong. That’s what we’re here for. There are though many benefits.
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When you join NGSU, you’re joining more than just a union – you’re joining a family with 12,000 other members. Together, we’re a loud voice, championing the things that really matter to you at work.