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NGSU Membership Application

Personal Details


The following questions are optional but we would invite and encourage you to help us monitor the diversity of our membership and to ensure equality of opportunity by providing the following information. Any information you do provide will be kept confidential.

Monthly Subscription Draw

NGSU members may subscribe for chances in our Monthly Draw. Members may subscribe for up to ten £1 chances each month.

75% of the monies subscribed are paid out in prizes.

The Draw is held on the first Wednesday each month.

I wish to enter the draw and agree to be bound by the draw rules and understand that the Union will publish the names of winners.

Method of Payment

Nationwide employees may choose to pay their subscriptions by Payroll Deduction or Direct Debit. Associates, Temps and Contractors must pay by Direct Debit.

  1. Salary Deduction (I agree that subscriptions will be paid by salary deduction and consent for NGSU to disclose my membership to Nationwide and share information necessary for the collection of payment).
  2. Direct Debit

Communications and Marketing

Please tick to agree to receive union communications.

From time to time we would like to send you details of benefits and discount schemes. This may be as part of our normal member communications, including newsletters and member magazine, which will also include articles about union activity, or as separate communications. We may include information on behalf of other organisations who are our approved partners but we will not share or sell your personal information to other organisations for direct marketing purposes. Our newsletters and magazine are available in digital format on our website We will always send you information necessary to meet our statutory obligations, for example, to conduct ballots and elections.

I agree to receive NGSU communications which include marketing material:

by post

by email

Apply for Membership & Declaration

Please tick to confirm your agreement and consent:

*Membership: I apply for membership of NGSU and agreed to abide by the Union’s rules and to pay the appropriate subscription rate for the duration of my membership. Read the rules here.

*Personal Information: I understand that you will use the information I have provided for the purpose of union activities; determining my membership class; provision of services and to fulfil statutory obligations. Please tick to confirm you have read our Use of Personal Information Policy.

Direct Debit details

We will contact you shortly in order to set up a direct debit