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Working With Nationwide

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Working Together

NGSU seeks to work in partnership with Nationwide Building Society to secure the best possible working conditions for our members.

How Your Terms and Conditions are Agreed

Your terms and conditions of your employment at Nationwide are subject to agreement between the Society and the Nationwide Group Staff Union. Changes to T&Cs and workplace policies are made through a negotiation or a consultation process as part of a ‘collective agreement’. Agreements made this way vary the terms and conditions of all employees.

A Recognition Agreement governs the relationship between both parties. This sets out the negotiation and consultation process and provides information such as the time-off given to employees who are Union representatives. The NGSU has sole recognition rights and this means that Nationwide will only agree changes to employees terms and conditions with us.

This makes it important that the Union has as many members as possible and that the members take an active part in determining Union policy – so that the views of the majority of employees are represented as accurately as possible.

Where issues are agreed between Nationwide and the Union these will be communicated in a Joint Statement.

The Recognition Agreement defines the formal process by which terms and conditions are agreed. However, the Union is in a constant dialogue with Nationwide about issues at work. This can take the form of informal discussions with People & Culture or local management, or within the framework of the Employee Involvement Committee (EIC).

Recognition Agreement

The Recognition and Procedure Agreement defines the relationship between Nationwide and the Nationwide Group Staff Union (NGSU).

The NGSU has sole recognition rights to represent employees of Nationwide in matters relating to the negotiation and consultation of working terms and conditions. The Agreement provides collective rights for all employees in Career Families A – D and individual representation rights for employees in Career Family E.

Under the collective agreement, Nationwide and the NGSU agree changes to the terms and conditions of employees covered by the Agreement and these are incorporated into contracts of employment.

The Agreement sets out how both parties will work together and defines terms and conditions that are subject to ‘negotiation’ (including pay, working hours and holidays) and other issues over which consultation takes places.

The Agreement also details the support and facilities that are provide to the Union and its Officers and Representatives to enable them to carry out the work of the Union. This includes the agreed provisions of paid time off given to Union Representatives to carry out their duties.

You can read the Recognition Agreement in full here – Recognition Agreement.

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