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Subscription Draw

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Win up to £15,000

The monthly subscription draw provides the chance for NGSU members to win fantastic cash prizes – including a first prize of up to £15,000!

You can buy between one and ten chances for each monthly draw.

  • One chance costs £1
  • 75% of the total money paid into the draw each month is paid back to members as cash prizes.
  • 25% of the money is used towards the day-to-day running of the Union – helping to keep membership rates low.

You can pay your subscriptions by direct debit or salary deduction.

With around 30,000 draw entries a month – the odds are much better than the National Lottery!

To enter or to increase your number of chances please complete and return a NGSU Monthly Draw – Form or call us on 01295 710767 for more information. Read the draw rules here.

Have you won?

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