JCNC Summary: February 2021

MEETING HELD: 11 February 2021

Louisa Flaviani – Director, Reward, Risk & Pensions (Chair)
Rosalyn Beck – Senior Manager, Risk, Reg & Policy Control
Graeme Burns – NGSU Relationship Manager
Tim Rose – General Secretary, NGSU
Rob Goldspink – Assistant General Secretary, NGSU


Shannon Gabb – SD&I Team (Work shadowing YL)
Neil Lewis – Director People Services, Holly Aitkenhead – Payroll Manager and Kirsty Hughes – Policy Manager
Julia Phippard – Change Director and Sharna Tinson – Policy Manager
Katherine Forward – Chief Product Owner and Juilitta Sofat Barata – PGP Senior Consultant

Yasmin Leonard – SD&I

A number of proposed policy changes were discussed. Everyone attended the meeting via Teams.

Neil Lewis, Holly Aitkenhead and Kirsty Hughes provided an overview of the PeopleCloud project activity, including payroll comparison testing and an update on policy related changes.
Julia Phippard and Sharna Tinson returned to JCNC to provide a further update on “Re-imagining work”.

Katherine Forward and Juilitta Sofat Barata provided an update on the Wellbeing Approach including the journey to date and sharing future plans.

A number of papers / updates were provided for noting in respect of Pensions, People & Culture Policy changes, Fair Treatment at Work Committee Proposed Approach for 2021 and the Exit Management quarterly update.

A number of actions were agreed with regards to the above and actions were closed in respect of ER transition arrangements, Reimagining Work, pay review, Pension papers, JCNC Terms of Reference annual review and a Cigna contact query.

The next JCNC will take place on 11 March 2021.