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Network Survey update – 13th Jan

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We’d like to thank everyone who’s already responded to our January survey for members working in branches, and would invite anyone who hasn’t already contributed to do so.

Around 1 in 12 of those responding have had a positive Covid-19 diagnosis, and a large majority of those really knew it.

A little under half of people responding had had concerns that their branch isn’t secure – but only half of those have raised those concerns up the line. We strongly advise anyone who believes there are issues in their branch to raise them.

Graph of Covid Secure responses

Unsurprisingly, a large majority have been feeling much more vulnerable than in March and April during the first Lockdowns.

Graph of Vulnerability responses

Around 1/3 of people have experienced some form of Verbal or Aggressive Behaviour in the last couple of months, and most people who did reported it. 40% of people are aware of colleagues who experienced such behaviour.

Graph of VAB responses

The additional feedback provided has expanded on these answers, explaining the customer behaviours that have most alarmed them – with many expressing concern that customers are acting in ways that put themselves at greater risk.

We will obviously be sharing these details with the Society, as we talk to them about appropriate next steps.

And again, if you have not yet shared your experience, please do.

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