Local lockdowns

Local lockdowns are now being used to reduce and control the spread of coronavirus; they can be enforced at short notice, and it will be important that leaders have everything they need to support colleagues during this time.  Nationwide has published guidance on the Intranet but in summary the assumption is that local lockdowns will replicate conditions of the UK-wide lockdown that started in March as below:

  • As many as possible people will work from home
  • Vulnerable and extremely vulnerable members should be advised to shield while the Society reviews updated public health guidance
  • Key workers will maintain the branch services and hours would be reduced (eg 10-2 and Saturday closures)
  • Local childcare may be disrupted – information on leave types available to help colleagues manage childcare can be found in the latest Covid-19 update in the Coronavirus section of our website

If you do have access to the Nationwide Intranet, information can be found in the Coronavirus hub under People Leaders, Leading Your Team.