JCNC Summary: July 2020

Joint Consultation and Negotiation Committee – Summary for July 2020

MEETING HELD: 16 July 2020

Graeme Burns – Senior Manager, Employee Relations (ER)
Tim Rose – General Secretary, NGSU
Rob Goldspink – Assistant General Secretary, NGSU
Tracy Conwell – Director, Employee Relations


Karin McKenzie – Senior National Officer, NGSU
Tulsi Patel – Talent & Performance, Natalie Gilhooley – Culture,
Engagement & Wellbeing Mgr and Katherine Forward – Chief Product Owner
Samantha Hodgson – Snr Mgr – Performance & Capability and
Rose Gillott – Performance & Capability Mgr

Yasmin Leonard – Employee Relations Adviser

Due to employees working from home where possible to minimise the spread of Coronavirus, the shortened meeting took place via Teams. Karin McKenzie joined the meeting on request from Tim Rose.

Tulsi Patel, Katherine Forward and Natalie Gilhooley provided an update on the Inclusion and Diversity Mission and Strategic Outcomes, action being taken on ethnic diversity, including an update on Black Lives Matter and a Wellbeing update.

Samantha Hodgson and Rosie Gillott joined the meeting to discuss further proposals for future performance enablement.

A number of papers were provided for noting in respect of Pensions, Coronavirus temporary changes, People & Culture Policy Simplification and PeopleCloud (new HR system). A security update on labelling sensitivity was sent after the meeting.

A number of actions were agreed with regards to the above and actions were closed in respect of PeopleCloud, a number of Coronavirus related queries and an update on security monitoring.

The next JCNC will take place on 13 August 2020.