Update from NGSU Travel Club

We’ve received this update from the NGSU Travel Club about the help and support they are providing to NGSU members who have booked arrangements with them. We’d like to thank Roger and the team at Benchmark Travel for their efforts on behalf of our members.

“We’ve now got all NGSU Members who had booked with us and who were abroad, safely back to the UK. (Other than a couple on their honeymoon, who as of today are safe and well and due back next week). That has been a first priority since the chaos started and even though I say it myself has been no mean feat.

Second priority has been all those affected by the 30 day Travel Ban – this started off with the Tour Operators offering full refunds, then quickly changed to only re-booking vouchers or travel insurance claims and on Monday we believe will change again to legally binding credit notes.

Third is everybody else who is naturally concerned about their individual booking – even those booked through to 2022.

Everybody enquiring has been speedily dealt with and the Travel Club website has a Coronavirus update on the front page which we are updating as needed.

We are encouraging communication on the website and telephone answerphone to be done via email as we are operating a mixed shop/office/home working/self-isolating regime but all calls are also still being speedily replied to.

There are undoubtedly tougher times ahead but rest assured all your Members, will continue to receive our best attention for as long as this may last – and of course beyond! “