Covid-19 – Response to Members’ Feedback

Thank you to everyone who has completed our online survey and shared their thoughts and experiences about the current situation.  We have had over 500 responses, along with lots of e-mails and calls to the NGSU office.  This has enabled us to have full and frank discussions with Nationwide about the issues of concern.

We have had significant reaction to the key worker and childcare arrangements. It is clear that some schools do not have the resources to offer places to the children of all key workers and are imposing conditions, such as requiring both parents to be key workers or are giving priority to certain groups.  Although the key worker arrangements are a welcome development, they are clearly not a solution that will work for everyone.

In response to members’ feedback, we have formally asked Nationwide to review its approach to the childcare arrangements, set out in the recent All Employee communication. We are seeking additional paid emergency dependants leave to help parents cope with the school closures and make alternative arrangements.

We have also asked Nationwide to review the approach to holidays and to give more guidance to branch employees about social distancing and interacting with customers.

We will keep members updated with the progress of these discussions.


Tim Rose
General Secretary