Your feedback

Since launching our survey on Tuesday, we have had hundreds of replies, and we’d really like to thank everyone who has contributed. We’ve been able to use the information that you’ve provided in our discussions with the Society, and the examples that have been given have really helped to demonstrate the impact the coronavirus is having across the country.

Some of the key themes that you have raised include:

  • Disappointment at the lack of sanitiser and wipes provided, although the difficulties everyone including the Society is having in obtaining these items was also recognised
  • Concern at having to carry out long face-to-face interviews with customers
  • Inconsistent communications regarding base branches
  • The suddenness of the decision to open early in over 100 locations, and a sense that this was expected, even though it was described as voluntary
  • Confusion over “social distancing” and “self isolation”, and the Society’s view of them

While we really can’t get back to everyone who provided feedback through the survey, we will continue to use the information given to focus our conversations with the Society.