JCNC Summary – August 2019

Joint Consultation and Negotiation Committee – Summary for August 2019

MEETING HELD: 15 August 2019

Tracy Conwell, Director Employee Relations
Graeme , Senior Manager – Employee Relations (ER)
Tim Poil, General Secretary, NGSU



Kerry Farmer – HR Information Analyst
Karen Weedon – Exit Management Consultant
Jason Hurwood Director of Home Proposition and Matthew Box Director of Learning and Development

Yasmin Leonard, ER Adviser

A number of proposed policy changes were discussed and the JCNC received presentations from a number of guests.

Kerry Farmer returned to JCNC to provide the monthly overview of the highlights from the July People Metrics pack and presented employee data tracking the historical Holiday carried forward/not taken each year (nonidentifiable data).

It was agreed that communications should be considered in customer facing areas to ensure
employees were encouraged to take their holiday entitlement.

Karen Weedon presented the Exit Management quarterly update looking at leavers from April to June 2019 and it was agreed that further analysis over last 12 months should be completed to identify trends in specific areas and branches.

Jason Hurwood and Matthew Box presented an update on Broadening and Deepening Membership
The JCNC discussed the Business Committee Structure and reviewed a proposed new approach, noted the monthly ER Plan, pension papers and the FTAW May Summary.

A number of actions were agreed with regards to the above and progress on union motions discussed.

Actions were closed in respect of Security engagement, strategy and campaigns, Whistleblowing policy changes, People Metrics queries, MI data and a Business Committee agenda item.

The next JCNC will take place on 12 September 2019.