Union Mail – March 2013

Performance Reviews

The end-of-year performance review process will be underway soon and we’d like to remind members of the importance of preparing thoroughly for their review meeting. It is important that you are able to present a positive assessment of your performance over the past twelve months and make an effective case for the rating you deserve.

Your performance rating is not just a statement about your contribution – it is used to determine your annual pay award and bonuses, and is often used as a factor in selection processes such as promotion or even redundancy. It is therefore important that your rating is a fair reflection of your overall performance.

We recommend that you book an appointment with your manager to ensure that you have sufficient time to discuss your performance and agree your rating. If you work in the branch network we suggest that you ask for your review meeting to be planned into the branch roster.

Appeals Process

We expect that you will have the opportunity to agree your performance rating with your manager and not simply have this imposed on you through the calibration process. We hope most employees will have had regular conversations with their manager about their performance, and so the annual rating should come as no surprise. However, if you believe your rating is inappropriate please use the appeals process.

If you have any concerns about the performance management process or would like to talk about appealing your rating please call us on 01295 710767. There are also some tips about how to prepare for your review meeting and put together an appeal on our website – follow the performance management link from the home page.

Tim Poil
General Secretary

Branch Working Arrangements

We continue to receive feedback from members and Union Representatives about aspects of the branch working arrangements which are not being applied in accordance with the agreement between the Union and Nationwide.

Although we are able to discuss our general concerns with the Branch Network Divisional Directors, we do need members to come forward and allow us to provide individual examples of where things are going wrong. We have a commitment from the DDs that the agreement will be applied to the letter and in the spirit of the negotiations which took place last year, and so we can ask them to intervene where members allow us to do so.

If you believe the arrangements are not being applied correctly please raise this with your manager and Area Team and if the issue is not resolved please contact your local union Rep or call the Union office on 01295 710767.

Union Representatives from the ‘South’ Region will be attending a Regional Council and EIC meeting on 22 March 2013. If you work in the South please let your local Rep know about issues in your Area so they can raise these issues at the meeting.

Branch In-Charge Payments

Non managerial members of branch teams (CRs, CAMs, HOSTs) can now claim an in-charge payment if they are responsible for the branch (in the absence of a manager) on any day of the week (Mon-Sat). To claim a payment you must have been in charge for a minimum of 3 hours, and these must cover either the opening or closure of the branch. We expect that a member of staff should always be nominated to be in-charge if a manager is not present.

All staff (including CSMs, Ops Mgrs and BMs) are eligible to claim an Additional Responsibility Payment if they step up to cover another employee’s role. This applies from the fourth consecutive day of assuming the additional responsibilities.

Pensions Automatic Enrolment

From 1 May 2013, employees who are not already members of a Nationwide Pension scheme will be automatically enrolled into the Nationwide Group Personal Pension Plan (GPP), provided they meet the eligibility criteria. This initiative is in accordance with new pension legislation.

Employees who are automatically enrolled are able to opt out. However, we would encourage members to stay in the scheme and take advantage of the contributions made by Nationwide. Contributions start at 5% of salary and rise to 9% after two years’ service and so are a significant element of the pay and benefits package available to employees.

NEC Appointment

The closing date for nominations for the position of Executive Officer on the National Executive Committee (NEC) was Friday 22 February 2013.

I am pleased to confirm that Alan Lampard has been elected unopposed and will hold the position for the remaining period of the 2012/2013 term of office.

Union Subscriptions

The National Executive Committee has approved an increase in subscriptions in accordance with Rule 6 within the mandate passed by National Conference in 2011.

The increase will take effect from 1 April 2013. Members who pay their subscription by payroll deduction will have their revised subscription deducted from April’s pay. Members who pay by direct debit will receive separate notification of the revised rate – collection dates for direct debits remain unchanged. The new rates are:

Full-time staff £10.30
Part-time staff working 16 hours or over £5.25
Part-time staff working less than 16 hours £4.00
Pensioners and Maternity Leave £1.70
Associate Members £10.30

March Draw Winners

First Prize: £10,823
102340: Marilyn Stevens of Pension Fund Members

Second Prize: £5,000
121033: Tammy Jones of Northampton 2

Third Prize: £2,000
107471: Dean Jervis of Service Introduction

Fourth Prizes: £500

107507: Brian Phillimore of Operations Support
113244: Rebecca Arkley of HR Operations
103988: Joyce Banks of S&S Systems Support